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My Projects and work experiences through the years.

  • bezvrska

    2007 Dec - Jun 2012

    My first web project and real challenge. The website had thousands members and daily views in the first 12 months. I was Administrator, Web Developer, Marketer, Designer and Author for the articles.

  • Easy Print Skopje

    2010 Dec - Sep 2011

    Easy Print Skopje

    My first practical knowledge as Graphics designer was in Easy Print as volunteer. The job required designing and printing various of banners, Car Branding, Stands for products, Flyers, Logos, Calendars and other types of Advertising Materials.


    2012 May - Nov 2017

    Fiverr is a website for selling services. My service there included Search Engine optimization (SEO) services (Backlinks), Internet Marketing, Graphics design and writing Articles. With only 1 year of working, I had 1,139 satisfied customers.


    2015 Dec - Apr 2016

    Civil is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) working on education, awareness-raising, monitoring and advocacy in the areas of human rights and freedoms, peace and arms control, and election monitoring. I was hired for Web Development & Web Design while also working as Graphics Designer, making flyers for rising awareness.


    2016 Jul - Dec 2016

    I was hired by USA company from Denver Co. to develop a complicated PHP website for personalized accounts and online payments that connects to a massive Forex trading system written in .NET that provides information to the website.


    2011 - 2019

    Proweb is my project with the idea to push the quality of websites to the next level. I am the lead web developer, web designer and graphics designer. It has services like Web Development, Graphics Design, SEO and Internet Marketing, Servers for websites, Audio & Video Streaming.


    2017 Jun - Current

    Niko ICT Group

    I started working for Niko ICT Group company and we are working on many exciting and big projects.

  • ASK
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Mostly Self-Educated through internet and Googling.

Semos Education

CorelDraw, Visual basic 6.0
Adobe Photoshop CS2
Advanced Visual Basic.NET
Macromedia Flash.

Computer Science and Engineering

- Faculty Of Computer Science and Engineering (Finki).
- European University Macedonia (EURM).

English Language

- „CHALLENGE“, I - VIII degree
- Passed English test for Police Helicopter Team recruting from the Government, similar to Toefl with 94% success.

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